mite-away™ Pouch for Beehives

Secure® mite-awayTM pouch for beehives – controls the Varroa mite destructor

The bee industry is losing 25% of the beehive population to the Varroa mite. The short-term solution has been to use a poison around the hive. Chemical cross contamination is being found in the honey. Our all-natural product saves the hive, bees and honey with no chemicals involved.

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The Secure® mite-awayTM two-compartment frangible-seal pouch is activated and placed near the beehive. The scent that is emitted from the pouch confounds the mites and keeps the bees safe. The opening of the pouch is covered with a filter to prevent the bees from entering the pouch. After 15 days the pouch is removed and replaced with a new pouch.

“The varroa mite (Varroa destructor) is the most serious pest of honey bee colonies worldwide. This parasite was first detected in North Carolina in 1990, having been introduced to the United States just three years earlier. Virtually all feral (or “wild”) honey bee colonies have all but been wiped out by these mites, and beekeepers continue to struggle with varroa infestations in their hives”.

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