MosquitoPaQ™ no-bite 1 Day OUTDOOR ZONE Product

Mosquito PaQ™ no-bite

ZONE 1 – Great for Sports Games, Barbecues, and Fishing! 15 minute activation ensures a quick and SAFE no-bite ZONE for 24 hours!

You may buy individual units by calling 941.359.6678, or 1-800-511-5609, and by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.

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Effective • Natural
Quick + Easy Mosquito Control
Activates in just 15 minutes – Lasts one full day
Instant solution anywhere you need a mosquito free zone

MosquitoPaQ™ no-bite OUTDOOR ZONE Pouch emits a vapor that draws mosquitoes away from people and pets to the outdoor pouch. The vapor confounds the mosquito’s receptors that desire protein, so she returns to feed on nature’s nectar instead of people and pets.

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