no-bite™ Lotion TubePaQ™ / 2 fl oz and 3 fl oz

For your own security, if you are in an endemic area, reapply lotion hourly.

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•NATURAL MOSQUITO REPELLENT: Never again put your loved ones at risk. Anytime natural mosquito lotion has been formulated to provide bug protection without exposing you & your family to any toxic chemicals. TESTED: “In a laboratory setting, a total of 6 subjects participated in a study of the Complete Protection Times provided by MosquitoPaq™ no-bite ANYTIME™ lotion and spray topical repellents against Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Complete Protection Times averaged about 5 hours, with several subjects remaining protected until the conclusion of the study. These estimates are indicative of very good performance for plant essential oil based formulations.” – Carroll-Loye Biological Research Consulting dated January 4, 2018.  Carroll-Loye is the global leader in insect repellent development, testing and registration. •NOURISHES & PROTECTS THE SKIN: Nourishes the skin with the powers of ingredients such as sunflower oil & raw beeswax. •SAFE ENOUGH FOR KIDS & ADULTS: Since it is non-toxic & gentle, our natural bug lotion can be applied on the skin of children or adults. •TRAVEL-FRIENDLY LOTION PACKAGE: Packaged in a 3oz tube, Anytime mosquito repellent cream can be packed in your backpack, travel bag, purse or diaper bag. It’s the travel-friendly mosquito lotion for kids & adults! Grossed out by all of the toxic ingredients
hiding in common bug repellents & sprays? Our natural bug repellent lotion effectively & naturally guards against itchy mosquito bites without posing harm.

Meet our Anytime Deet-Free Mosquito Repellent – The Highly Effective, Essential Oil All Natural Mosquito Cream for Kids, Baby & The Entire Family

Your family deserves nothing but the best, which is why our insect repellent lotion is recommended for safe bug control. It’s the healthy, eco-friendly pick!


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