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Full Mosquito Control

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MosquitoPaQ LLC offers SECURE™ no-bite OUTDOOR ZONE and ANYTIME® lotion and spray products that are DEET and PARABEN free. Our environmentally formulations contain no harsh chemical compounds or chemical propellants.

Features and Benefits:

  • MosquitoPaQ™ ANYTIME® no-bite and mo-bite/NO-SCENT lotions for topical human application, available in Vial and TubePaQs
  • MosquitoPaQ™ ANYTIME® no-bite/no-burn insect repellent and suntan lotion
  • MosquitoPaQ™ ANYTIME® no-bite and no-bite-NO/SCENT aerosol sprays
  • MosquitoPaQ™ SECURE™ no-bite OUTDOOR ZONE 2-Day product for quick CO 2 activation
  • MosquitoPaQ™ SECURE™ no-bite OUTDOOR ZONE 7-Day product for outdoor activities
  • MosquitoPaQ™ SECURE™ no-bite 15- Day OUTDOOR ZONE product for mosquito control around homes and other structures
  • All products are made from Environmentally Friendly ingredients and are completely safe for humans and animals when used as directed