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Fun Facts and helpful tips:
WE don’t like sharing our blood with mosquitoes. Totally not fun being an involuntary donor for them, and the vicious little things carry some very nasty diseases.

We seem to be a target for them, so wanted to find out why we are so attractive to the little beasties. We hunted around the Web and found lots of information that explains our unwanted popularity. Thought you’d like to know too.

Mosquitoes Prefer:

  1. Dark Colored Clothes — Like blacks, and dark blues — note to self: look more like a flower
  2. People Who are Moving Around — If you’re moving chances are you’re alive and have blood to share — note to self: sit, relax and enjoy the peace
  3. Higher Body Heat — If you normally run hot you’re the preferred target — note to self: ice tea anyone?
  4. Heavy Breathers — They love CO2 — note to self: Hang with people who are exhaling more than you
  5. Alcohol Drinkers — They love the smell of alcohol as you exhale — note to self: I enjoy Proseco. No note
  6. Type O Blood –They prefer O, B and A in that order — note to self: what is my blood type?
  7. Certain Chemicals in Sweat — You can’t control this unless you eat garlic

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Pastor Rich Collingridge of Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle gives thanks forMosquitoPaQ™ Products

Pastor Rich Collinridge

Missionary Asia

Missionary in Asia holding donated MosquitoPaQ™ Products

Read about one of our projects that helps orphaned children in the world - Man on a Mission of Empowerment


Dear Gerry,

We received a donation of your MosquitoPaQ™ no-bite ANYTIME® Lotion repellent. We are missionaries to Nigeria and will be heading back there in a couple of days and are blessed to take this with us. We are excited to try this product and also share it with our ministry partners.

Thank you for your generosity,

Eric and Cindy Black
Home - Black Family Website - Missionaries in Nigeria


I am very impressed with your sunscreen cream. Here’s why:
#1. I went fishing for snook and snapper for 5+ hours with 2 other people. We were tucked against the mangroves on the bay side of Key Largo, and the horseflies were VICIOUS. Simon and Carlos were eaten alive – legs covered in welts and bloody bites, and were constantly yelling from the bites (one used an “all natural” bug repellent and no sunscreen, and the other used a leading brand sunscreen and no bug repellent.) I applied your sunscreen, and no other bug repellent. I wasn’t bitten once – it was like they didn’t even know I existed.
#2. I used the sunscreen every day I was there, and spent most of 3 days on the water – sitting in the sun, snorkeling, swimming. The only place I forgot to apply was the back of my hands on the last day, and they are pink. Other than that, I definitely got sun, but had no burn at all.
#3. It didn’t have that normal white-slather look of other sunscreens with high levels of zinc oxide.
#4. I didn’t once have sweat drip into my eyes and sting, as is the case with other sunscreens.

I would love the opportunity to market and sell this product.

Thanks, Sarah

This is an amazing product! 
Earlier this year my husband and I bought a house. We have a porch swing and would attempt to enjoy the outdoors but wouldn’t be able to be out for more than a few minutes until we would be chased in by all the mosquitos. My friend introduced me to the zones. Now we can sit on our porch swing and enjoy a quiet evening until we are ready to go in. Thank you very much for this WONDERFUL product!  - D. Weaver

Read this testimonial  letter from Summer Camp


We wanted to tell you what a awesome product you have. We were in the eastern Sierra's for a week and mosquitoes were huge. Put your product on and they scattered. I gave a vial to a sales person at the Trout Fitter in Mammoth and he did tried it said it worked. Also gave one to a customer. Everywhere we went if someone brought up mosquitos we showed ours and they took pictures. Thank you so much again for the wonderful product.
Jenny and Randy

Hello Charles, This past week was the missions convention at Smithtown. I spoke with our missionaries in Nigeria this weekend.  Eric advised that when their team travels they use the no bite at night. ...Read More

Mr. Murray.  I want to add my thanks to the no-bite that we have received from Gerry Smith.  I visit countries, like Liberia, Nigeria, Thailand, where mosquitoes and mosquito carried diseases are ...Read More

Please read a testimonial of sincere gratitude here

Pumpkin Festival - Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, FL.

Pumpkinfest - Sarasota, FL

Pumpkinfest - Sarasota, FL

Charity Continued

Miami Children's Museum

Miami Children's Museum

Miami Children's Museum

Miami Children's Museum

Salvation Army Function in New York

Salvation Army Donations

Salvation Army Donations

Salvation Army Donations

Garden Of Eden Project



About Garden of Eden Project
Sarasota is an incredible place, with incredible people, and even better weather. Although we’re a thriving city, we currently have no public shelters, and extremely limited access to betterment programs, clean water, healthy food, or public restroom facilities. Fueled by a love for the city, its residents, and the desire to make our city awesome, we kicked around a few ideas, and got to work.
It started with an outreach team of sorts, with several of us hiking through the streets of downtown Sarasota on a daily basis handing out fruit, ice-cold spring water, clothes, dog food, and other various supplies to our residents in need. Those who couldn’t make the trips provided supplies, moral support, and occasionally, a delicious home cooked meal for the tribe.
These daily hikes eventually turned into the desire to do more. Things got real. Then we decided to form a legitimate 501(c)(3) non-profit community organization, and Garden of Eden Project was born.
Initial Plans
Our first goal is the creation of a strategically placed, organic urban garden in downtown Sarasota. Think community garden–with an emphasis on generating as much food as possible. We’ll then distribute the items to currently homeless and impoverished residents in the downtown and surrounding areas. Any resident is welcome to help out with the gardening and/or distribution, and in return will benefit from the fruits (and veggies!) of their labor.
From there, we have high hopes to expand our organization, and impact. While we want to make sure everyone has access to healthy food, we’re also working on ways to help residents escape the cycle of poverty, and obtain permanent housing. But first, we have to get busy gardening. As things continue to grow, we’ll continue to look for ways make a difference. We welcome your ideas, too!
“But wait, doesn’t this just make it easier for people to be homeless?”
Our goal is to make living in Sarasota easier for everyone, from the people currently living on the streets, to the first responders and local business owners working hard out here every day.
Dehydration and a lack of vital nutrients, combined with prolonged exposure to the heat, is a bad combination. Sometimes this leads to hospitalization. But all the time it leads to increased stress, anger, and hopelessness. And that makes things harder for everyone. Our initial focus is centered on providing residents with water and basic nutrition to help combat dehydration, malnutrition, and number of incidents requiring first responders. And, if possible, make everyone a little happier in the process.
We don’t want anyone to be homeless, and our goal is certainly not to inspire more people to be homeless. We just want to be generous folks, doing nice stuff, and have a cool, friendly city.
How you can help
Urban Backpacking: Fill up a backpack with as much water/food/supplies as possible. Walk around the city. Give stuff out. When you run out, you’re finished! (Great exercise, by the way) We go out every day (except Sunday, so we can recover a bit) at 10 am(ish) or 2 pm(ish). Time varies depending upon weather and other events.
Stuff: We’re always in need of water, fruit, freezer space in downtown area, unwanted plots of land, socks, unwanted fruit/veggies, high-fives and notes of encouragement, plants, backpacks, bicycles, and flip-flops.
Gardening: We should be gardening soon! Right now, we’re in the process of finding a suitable piece of property for our first garden. But once we do, there will be lots of work to be done. We can’t wait! For right now, email us with any cool ideas you may have about growing food in Florida.
We would love for as many people to be involved as possible, in a number of capacities. If we can get a bunch of people to start doing nice stuff, the world will take notice, and we can do a ton of good. As things progress, there will be even more opportunities that become available. No matter what your skill set, you can make an impact. You can change the world.
Penta5 USA LLC and its MosquitoPaQ™ division are proud to be working with Garden of Eden personnel to hand out our MosquitoPaQ™ no-bite ANYTIME® Lotion VialPaQs to the homeless and street people in downtown Sarasota. On a recent Saturday morning, Dr John Harlin was seen handing out the VialPaQs to the homeless people on the streets of Sarasota and also explaining the benefits of using the product to protect themselves against mosquito bites.

MosquitoPaQ™ hands out 2 VialPaqs to the homeless at the Miami Rescue mission on Sunday, the 14th of August.
Read More here >

Miami, FL Charity event

MosquitoPaQ LLC sends over no-bite ANYTIME® Lotion vials to the Macambeni Care Point in Swaziland.

MosquitoPaQ in Swaziland

MosquitoPaQ LLC hands over no-bite ANYTIME® Lotion 2 VialPaQ™s to the Metropolitan Ministries in Tampa for distribution amongst the homeless people in the Tampa area.

Miracleplace Campus - Tampa, FL