Sarasota business creates natural mosquito repellent

Isabel Mascareñas, WTSP

natural insect repellent

SARASOTA -- You now have another natural way of protecting your family from mosquitoes and it's made right here in the Bay area.

A Sarasota company develops a product that protects humans and mosquitoes. Charles Murray’s company, Penta5, has developed an all-natural, non-toxic, chemical-free and environmentally-friendly mosquito repellent.

Murray says, “We looked at the mosquitoes and said there’s some products they can’t stand. We’ve decide to put those into the product.”

MosquitoPaQ™ has close to a dozen natural ingredients like citronella. Murray says the secret is in how they are mixed.

Murray says, “We’re adamant we can achieve what the chemical products are doing, getting the same results using a natural formula. So if children touch it, the dog eats it, everyone will be safe.”

Murray, CEO of the PPi Technologies Group, says a University of Florida study backs his product’s effectiveness. The formula claims to last for up to six hours. And if a mosquito doesn’t bite it doesn’t transfer diseases like the Zika virus and malaria.

“We’re interested in stopping the bite that leads to the need for a cure,” says Murray.

Instead of the mosquito seeking protein from human blood, Murray says the product redirects the pest to look for another food source.

“They can pollinate smaller flowers and flower beds. We should not destroy them because if you do aquatic life will suffer tremendously,” explains Murray.

MosquitoPaQ™ also has a GardenPaQ™ variety to protect your home. You break the seal, shake it, and the powder pours into the oil. Take off the cap and hang it. The product says the gas emitted keeps mosquitos away for 15 days. 

Penta5 also sells smaller versions of GardenPaQ™ to last one day or seven days.

Murray says families can enjoy the outdoors again without fear of mosquitoes and disease.

Next month Penta5 will release an all-in-one sunscreen and mosquito repellent product and later this year a yard spray. The mosquito repellent personal doses and family size variety are sold online.

Visit the company's web site here