SECURE® no-bite GardenPaQ™ 15 day Zone Spatial Insect Repellant

Create a SECURE® outdoor mosquito free zone for at least 48 hours with our GardenPaQ 15 Day Spatial Zone. Once activated this Zone product provides a radius of 70 feet of SECURE® mosquito protection.

You may buy individual units by calling 941.359.6678, or 1-800-511-5609, and by clicking the “Buy Nowl” button below to email us.

NOT FOR RESALE: Individual sales only.

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  • The Zone product line confuses mosquitos and repels them to other areas. This product is pet friendly, child friendly and environmentally friendly and great for campsites, outdoor restaurants, golf courses and courtyards.
  • Active Ingredients: Thyme .17%, Rosemary .16%, Cinnamon .16%, Citronella Oil .02%,

Inert Ingredients: Water, Sucrose, Yeast, Licorice Oil, Wheat Flour, Sodium Bicarbonate 99.49% Total 100%

  • Open outer pouch and pull out the two inner pouches. Carefully empty pouch 1 (liquid) into pouch 2 (dry). Reclose pouch 2 and shake vigorously. Reopen and discard cap. Hang pouch in a shaded area at least 20 feet away and 4 Feet high from where you want a SECURE® no-bite zone. Carefully discard pouch after usage.

Cautions and Warnings

Keep out of reach of children. Outdoor use only. DO NOT INGEST. DO NOT GET IN EYES. Do not refill pouches.

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