SECURE® StillTails™ no-bite insect repellant introduced to Arabian horses this past week by MosquitoPaQ Sales Manager Matt Kutt.

Arabian horses use StillTails

Hi Team,

Had a long but successful day in Ocala. Had many people interested in both StillTails and Pets-B-Safe. There was a buzz. At one point I had five women around me asking questions. Gave out samples to about 10 or 12 really good leads that are horse farms with multiple horses in the area.

All of them had pets and we’re excited about our pet product. Also got a lead on a new store chain that I didn’t even know about that is based in Ocala, will follow up next week.

There’s a dog training facility in Ocala, I met the owner who was there, and he’s going to test our pet product. Said it could possibly go over very well with his customer base.

Two other notes, the owner of the Arabian horse farm, Joe the guy on the Billboard, is very interested in our product and Stable Mist as they have a 17 stall barn with sprayer system. I gave him samples to test drive. Lastly, I met a horse chiropractor company that had a booth at the show. They are very interested in selling our products to their clients as they are an all natural-organic type business. Gave them samples also.

Overall very good day and I think we will get some immediate and future sales from this show.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!